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Trial against Norwegian women starts today

Byen Torrevieja ligge på den spanske middelhavskysten.
Byen Torrevieja ligge på den spanske middelhavskysten.
The trial against the woman who murdered Norwegian Svein Erik Gundersen and her accomplice started in Elche, Spain, today.

Gundersen’s ex girlfriend admitted to the murder, and a 27-year-old Norwegian woman has been charged as her accomplice, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

Gundersen was murdered January 31, 2001, in Torrevieja. The suspect allegedly first sprayed teargas in his face, then put a pillow over his face, and sat on it for about 30 minutes. According to the 27-year-old, the woman was laughing and singing as she slowly killed her ex lover.

“She sat on the pillow placed on his head for nearly a half hour and sang songs while he was suffocating,” the eyewitness said according to the paper. “It was horrifying to see she her murdered him.”

Felt threatened

“The woman who killed Svein called me and asked me to come,” the woman explained. “She said she feared her own life after a fight. When I came to the apartment, she attacked him with teargas and a pillow. He was completely calm when the murder took place.”

The woman stated that she felt threatened by the older woman, and she did not dare to report the murder until a week after it happened.

“She showed no signs of remorse when she was at my house after the murder,” the woman stated to the paper. “She was happy she got rid of him.”

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