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TV-heroine brings decapitated head to pub

With her former boyfriend’s head in her backpack, the Finish TV-star went bar hopping. She is now charged with a double murder, and her new boyfriend admits to cannibalism.

The details of the grotesque double murder were reviled in the court case trailed in the Finish town Tammerfors. The 31-year-old women is a star in the Finish version of the TV-show "The Gladiators". She is now, together with her male friend, charged with the murder and carving of two men.

The first victim, a 29-year-old man, was the woman’s former lover. Her friend explained in court that it was jealousy that made him stab the 29-year-old to death and carve the body. The man also informed the court that he ate parts of the body, states the paper Ilta-Sanomatt.


“The feeling I got after this was that no one can do anything to me. I have the power to do everything I wanted to a body. I can even eat it,” the man explained.

According to the prosecuting authority, the TV-star took her former boyfriend’s head as a trophy, and she carried it around in a backpack and showed it to several persons. However, no one imagined that the head was a real.

Several left the pub

The accused man stated that the TV-star took the head with her to a pub in Tammerfors.

“She hit the bag in the table, and said that there was a head in it. Nobody checked, but several people left,” the man said.

The two of them eventually got rid of the body parts by throwing them in different dumpsters in Tammerfors. The body have not been found even if the police have been searching at a landfill outside town for two months.

Dangerous woman

The second murder of a 26-year-old man will be heard in court on Wednesday.

The accused woman is a body builder and according to Swedish Aftenbladet, she is known to abuse narcotics. She often becomes violent when she drinks, and she is known as a dangerous woman in the organized crime world in Tammerfors.

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