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TV-series nailed rapist

DNA-profilen til nær 10.000 domfelte er nå registrert.
DNA-profilen til nær 10.000 domfelte er nå registrert. Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten/SCANPIX
Sist oppdatert:
Inspired by the American television series CSI, the 19-year-old victim ensured that the rapist left DNA proof on her sweater.

The 19-year-old explained in Fredrikstad country court that she is a great fan of the television series of the crime scene investigators in Las Vegas, reported the local paper Fredriksstad Blad. She therefore thought it was important to get DNA proof and ensured that the man’s sperm got on her sweater.

It was this DNA profile that traced back to a 30-year-old man who was arrested and charged with the rape.

It has been characterized as an aggravated assault as the girl was attacked from behind and strangled until she fainted. When she regained consciousness, the man was sexually assaulting her. The traumatic incident lasted an hour, and the 19-year-old has suffered greatly after the attack.

The man has admitted to the rape, and according to the paper, regretted his actions when he appeared in court Monday.

The prosecutor has demanded six years secure custodial supervision for the perpetrator. In addition, the prosecutor demands NOK 100,000 (USD 14,500) in compensation for the rape survivor.

The sentence will be given sometime this week.

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