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Two men arrested with knives in their luggage

Two passengers on their way from Stansted to Torp Lufthavn at Sandefjord were arrested on the British airport with knives in their luggage.

The police at the airport informed TV 2 Nettavisen.

The two passengers had two small knives in their luggage and that was the reason why they were arrested, said Ben Pennington, the press officer at the Essex police department.

“An English man and a man of an eastern heritage were arrested. The plane was a couple of hours delayed because we had to get their luggage off the plane,” Pennington said to TV 2 Nettavisen.


The two of them were stopped and arrested when their carry-on luggage were checked in a routine check. Pennington said he thinks it was a coincident that the two of them were arrested on the same plane. It is not known if they knew each other.

The British man had a little knife in his carry-on luggage, which was discovered when it was x-rayed, while the other man had a pocket knife in carry-on luggage.

Four other persons accompanying the man who was of eastern heritage, did not board the plane either, but they are not arrested, Pennington said.

The two arrested men were questioned by the Essex police Tuesday afternoon.

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