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Two young women shot and killed

Two persons have been charged in a murder case after two 18-year-old girls were found shot and killed in a forest in Skåne Sunday.

The two young women were reported missing Friday night, and their car was found crashed Saturday morning. However, there was no trace of the women, who were on their way to a party when they disappeared.

Two women were found killed Sunday afternoon when a person called around 2 p.m. and told the police that there were two bodies in the woods at Båstad Sunday, five kilometres south of where the car was found.

Two arrested
The two persons arrested were brought in for questioning Sunday, and Sunday night the two of them were charged with probably cause to murder or contributing to manslaughter.

The police in Helsingborg did not wish to comment on where the two suspects were arrested, but stated that it occurred without incident.

According to the paper Dagbladet, one of the arrested persons is allegedly an 18-year-old man who is the son of one of Sweden’s most infamous and violent criminals. The son is allegedly also known to be a criminal.

Sources the Swedish paper Expressen had been in contact with states that one of the police’s theories is that the girls had arranged to meet the 18-yar-old after getting to know him through a chatting service on the Internet.

However, the police are reluctant to comment the case.

«We can not comment on what the crime scene looked like or give any details about the case because of the ongoing investigation, but I can confirm that they were murdered,» said Charley Nilsson at the police department in Helsingborg.

According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, one of the two women have been identified as one of the missing women, but the police had not established if the other victim was the same as the other missing woman. The identification will probably not be completed until Monday, according to the paper.

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