Ulltveit-Moe ignores Liberia ban

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The Norwegian Shipowers' Association has urged its members to pull out of Liberia, however, the president of the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO), who has large interests in the country, wants to give the new regime a chance.

Jens Ulltveit-Moe, NHO president, who has ownership interests in three ships registered in Liberia, wants to give the country another chance. However, both the UN and OECO have criticized companies that have registered ships in Liberia because money from the ship register is used for illegal weapon trade, according to the Norwegian financial daily, Dagens Næringsliv. Furthermore, while President Charles Taylor was in power, Liberia was repeatedly in the world’s focus because of breaching basic human rights.

Asked to pull out

Investor and NHO President Ulltveit-Moe owns three ships which are registered in Liberia through his large share holding in the shipping company Knutsen OAS.

The three ships were bought from First Olsen as late as in May of this year. Norwegian Shipowners’ Association issued a statement to its members and urged them to pull out of Liberia a week before the purchase was complete.

New regime, new chance

Ulltveit-Moe stated to Dagens Næringsliv that the board of his company Umoe has evaluated the new Liberia regime and has decided to give the regime a chance to correct the mistakes of its former president, Charles Taylor.

“He was not exactly white knight or anything, and according to what I have heard, he put part of the income from the ship register in his own pocket,” said Ulltveit-Moe.

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