Unlisted Oslo number may be connected to al-Qaeda

Foto: (Scanpix/Pablo Torres Guerrero-El Pais)

In the investigation to locate the people behind the terror in Madrid, Spanish investigators have allegedly located an unlisted Norwegian phone number.

According to the Norwegian paper VG, a woman in her twenties said that until Wednesday night the number was transferred to her phone.

The woman has during the last year gotten calls from persons who have tried to get a hold of a man with an Arabian sounding name, and the number of calls increased dramatically the last couple of weeks.

According to the paper, the women was shocked when the paper called the number 22165739 and asked for Abu Mahmud. She even called the number herself from her cell phone and discovered that she was transferred to her own mainline phone.

Spanish intelligence came across the Oslo number in a house search in Madrid in 2001, and on top of the list was the name Barakat Yarkas, who is currently jailed under his alias Abu Dahdah. Three other Norwegian numbers were listed, among others, the phone numbers to Mullah Krekar and his brother.

The numbers were located in the apartment of the extremist Mohamed Maher Halak, who allegedly has been in the group around the terror suspect for at least six years.

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