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«Uno» to Toronto Film Festival

HAUGESUND (TV Nettavisen): Norwegian first-time director Aksel Hennie’s «Uno» was praised at the Film Festival in Haugesund Sunday. The film will also be presented at North-American’s largest film festival in Toronto.

«I think it’s happiness,» said first-time director Hennie when he described the feeling as he presented «Uno» before the premier Saturday night. Sunday night, he was still happy, feeling a little empty, and terrible tired.

«I’m incredible happy for the reviews and feel relieved,» Hennie said when he participated in a forum together with other debut directors who were nominated to Nordic Amanda’s debut prize. «Reviews are important; in some cases they tell you how the audience will receive your film. It is obvious that you fear bad reviews, you don’t make the film for yourself.»

North American’s largest
Toronto International Film Festival also wants a part of Hennie. The film festival is North America’s largest and it also among the giants world wide. In addition to presenting films from around the globe, many in Hollywood choose to have their film premiers at the festival.

«Uno» is not going to be presented in the main competition, but in the side program Discovery, which focus on new talents.

Quick festival visit
Hennie travels to Canada the first weekend of the festival in September to present the movie, but will get only a short meeting with Toronto because he has to be back for theatre performances in Norway Monday.

Stine Oppegård, head of the international department at the Norwegian Film Institute, told TV 2 Nettavisen that Norwegian films generally receives good reviews at Haugesund.

«People are pleased and absolutely all the films have gotten good reviews,» Oppgård said.

«Uno» will also be presented at the well-known film festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

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