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«Utvik» shipwrecked after boat collision

(Foto: NTB Arkiv)
The accident investigation board investigating the loss of «Utvik Senior» in 1978 concluded Tuesday that a collision most likely was the reason for the shipwreck.

The people left behind when nine people lost their lives in the shipwreck of the coast of Senja in 1978, finally got their fears confirmed, 26 years after the tragic event. The investigation report was presented in Tromsø Tuesday.

Not surprising, but in the direct opposite of the first accident investigation report, the new commission concluded unanimously that «a collision with another ship appears as the most likely reason for the shipwreck.»

After the incident in 1978, the accident investigation commission concluded that the fishing boat had run aground.

The people left behind could never accept that the accident was due to the wrong doings of the crew. Among other, Karstein Fredriksen, age 77, the father of one of the deceased, started a fundraising in order to have the case investigated further. The findings of this private investigation contributed to uncover a completely different conclusion.

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