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Victim's father wants mild penalty

Two young boys poured petrol on the leg of a 15-year-old boy and set fire to it. The father of the victim now wants the boys to get a mild penalty.

Sixth formers from Trondheim, Norway, were on a camping trip in June when being attacked by boys their own age.

The boys set fire to 15-year-old Christopher Brandvik's leg. The damages were serious but Brandvik's friends managed to limit the burns.

Two 16-year-olds are charged with the attack and Christopher Brandvik's father now hopes the boys will be given a mild penalty so that the incident will not ruin their lives:

«They are only young boys and I do not think they had been thinking their actions through or realizing the consequences. I think it was rather random who took part in this. I hope this incident will not ruin any more than it already has. I still think the boys deserve a normal start to their lives as adults», Frank Brandvik told Adresseavisen.

Christopher Brandvik's burns will be healed and he does not seem to be psychologically damaged by the incident.

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