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Victim buried with signed United shirt

Manchester United has sent an autographed shirt to the family of Terje Mjåland, who was stabbed to death on a streetcar in Oslo. The shirt will be placed with the deceased when he is buried.

The deceased is also honoured on the club’s website.

Mjåland was a devoted United supporter, and Eric Cantona was his role model. His friends and family want him to be buried with a signed Cantona shirt.

The family has now received the shirt with Cantona’s signature, reported United’s Scandinavian supporter club, according to ANB. Mjåland is going to be buried in Skien Wednesday.

The sponsor club reported; «Many supporters have been in touch in order to pay their condolences and several wanted to donate their Cantona shirt in order to honor his memory. Also the Manchester club with Phil Townsend, and the organization Shareholders United with Duncan Drasdo, have contributed much.»

Also Manchester United has expressed their condolences and honored the memory of the 23-year-old with an article on its official homepage: «Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time. From all at Manchester United.»

Shortly after the murder, a group of the 23-year-old’s friends laid down two posters at the crime scene which together equalled the number 7 – Eric Cantona’s number at Manchester United.

Terje Mjåland was killed when an alleged mentally ill man of Somali decent without any warning attacked on a streetcar on line 17 in Oslo, August 3. Four others were injured in the attack.

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