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Victim claims satanic musician drank his blood

Foto: www.gorgoroth.org
28-year-old «Gaahl», the singer in the black metal band Gorgoroth, may get as much as nine years if he is convicted in the abuse case which starts next week. The victim claims «Gaahl» drank his blood.

The abuse of a man in his 40’s took place at a desolate farm in Fjaler in Sunnfjord in February of 2002.

The victim received cuts in his head, nose and mouth. In addition, his teeth were damaged and he got a fracture in his nasal bone as a result of the abuse.

According to VG, the victim explained during police questioning that the abuse ended with a ritual act where «Gaahl» collected blood from him and drank it.

The court case against the 28-year-old man will start in Sunnfjord’s county court next week. According to the Norwegian paper Bergens Tidende, Christian Eckhoff, the man’s lawyer, his client is going to plea not guilty.

The 28-year-old has a record and been convicted previously, among other things for unlawful wounding of a man from Høyanger.

Gorgoroth received media attention in February after getting into trouble with Polish police after a performance in Polish television where the band among other things used the image of a crucified woman, 50 sheep heads on spears and 100 litres of blood in the show.

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