Waiter admitted to murder of Norwegian man

Foto: (Scanpix/EPA/Augusto Cesar Bezerra)

A 25-year-old waiter admitted to the murder of Yngve Richardsen in Brazil in February. He said he agreed to commit the murder because he was unemployed at the time.

According to the Brazilian paper Tribuna do Norte, the 25-year-old waiter was paid about NOK 1500 (USD 217) for the murder. The waiter is one of the two men who have been arrested for the murder of Richardsen. The first man arrested was the realtor Richardsen was working closely with.

The realtor allegedly offered the waiter about NOK 1,500 (USD 217) to have Richardsen killed.

«It was you, wasn’t it?» Richarsen allegedly asked the realtor when they were attacked at a desolate area. Richardsen laid down on the ground before he was executed.

However, the 25-year-old murderer has stated that he only shot the Norwegian one time. When the police found him, he was shot three times, and the waiter claims the realtor must have shot Richardsen an additional two times after he fled the scene of the crime.

New witness
The police’s case against the realtor was strengthened after a third man admitted that he had been offered close to NOK 10,000 (USD 1,450) for the same job.

Yngve Richardsen, age 34, came from Silstrand in Troms, northern Norway. He was killed in a desolate area outside Ponta Negra, February 12 of this year. The Norwegian was at the location to look at the area that he was considering buying.

Evidence indicates that the realtor lured the Norwegian to the area where the waiter was waiting.

«I accepted the offer because I was unemployed, but now I regret it,» said the 25-year-old, when he met the local press Thursday.

The murder was planned in a local bar, and the man, who shot the Norwegian, was informed that the victim was a foreigner. The reason why the realtor wanted the Norwegian killed was allegedly a matter of money.

The 25-year-old is now held on remand, reports the local television channel Cabugi.

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