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Warnings issued against polar bears in town

The Governor of Svalbard has issued a warning against polar bears in Longyearbyen. People should particularly be on their guard at night.

Sergeant Olav Tombre at the Governors office had to chase away a particularly urban polar bear who was wandering the streets in downtown Longyearbyen Tuesday night, according to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24.

«It is apparent that if polar bears meet people, it can evolve into dangerous situations,» Tombre explained to the radio channel. «In this incident, it was a grown male bear which was not disturbed by either people or cars when we found him.»

He urges the inhabitants in Longyearbyen to be on their guard and be particularly careful at night and in the early morning hours.

Longyearbyen has 1100 inhabitants. Svalbard, consisting of a group of islands located north of Norway, has been a Norwegian territory since 1925.

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