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Weak dollar do not affect prices abroad

Norwegian consumers have little to collect on buying American products in spite of the dollar’s fall. The profit is consumed by the American producers.

Those who were looking forward to purchasing American cars, motorcycles, or cheap American whiskey because of the weakened dollar, have little to celebrate, as the weakened dollar does not benefit the customer, but the American producers. The reason is that largest Norwegian distributors of American products normally buy the goods in either Norwegian Kroner or Euro.

Harley Davidson is an all American product, but manager Tom Sylling at the dealership Lazzy Boys has no plans of cutting prices.

«We purchase the bikes for Euros, so we make nothing on the weakened dollar,» said Sylling at the dealership.

His statement was repeated by Bente Ottem Svanes in the company Strøm AS, the company that imports Jack Daniel’s, as the company pay for the whiskey in Norwegian Kroner. If a foreign customer wants to benefit from the American dollar’s record high fall, the best way is probably to take a trip to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and buy the Jack Daniel’s there.


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