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When dad kills mom

Foto: Berit Almendingen/TV 2 Nettavisen

Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Dåvøy wants to change the law in order to prevent fathers, who kill the mothers of their children, get custody.

03.11.04 10:18

«We have not yet decided if they are going to lose the parental responsibility when they are charged, indicted, or when they are sentenced for the murder, but we are going to make an amending legislation on this area,» said Dåvøy, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

In a current case at Gulating appeals court, Yasin Jarb, who is sentenced to 21 years preventative custody for the murder of his live-in-girlfriend and attempted murder of the couple’s daughter, is demanding custody of the child. The then three-week-old daughter was seriously injured in the murder attempt, but survived the assault.

When the mother died, Jarb was automatically assigned custody of the child. Since that time, the courts have removed the child from his custody, and the 42-year-old wants this decision overturned.

Dåvøy said law changes are in the works, something which will make it difficult for Jarb to regain custody of his daughter.

Dåvøy said she will also reduce fathers’ right to spend time with their children if they are charged for battering.

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