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Willoch criticises the Norwegian government

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Kåre Willoch, the former Norwegian prime minister, criticises current and former government’s foreign politics towards Israel since the start of the Intifada.

According to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB), Willoch called the government’s politics towards Israel “an escape from reality.” He offers even fewer kind words to his party colleague Defense Miniter Kristin Krohn Devold, who “buys military equipment from firms that survive by producing weapons to kill women and children.”

Willoch functioned Sunday night as the front figure for the Norwegian “Stop the wall” campaign which is protesting against the walls the Israelis have built around the Palestinian areas.

Continue apartheid politics

Ingunn Yssen, international secretary at the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions, said the wall is a proof of how the Israeli regime continues the apartheid politics that everybody hoped was history.

“In 1989 the Berlin wall fell, and in 1994 the apartheid regime in South Africa came to an end, and both have ended on the history’s junk yard,” Ys

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