Winslet as Nora in Ibsen's classic

Foto: (Foto: AFP)

Kate Winslet is going to play the troubled Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s «A Doll’s House.» Liv Ullmann is directing the film in Ålesund, Norway.

«Who would not want to play Nora?» Winslet said to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet. «This is a role that many actresses dream of playing. I can’t wait to get started.»

Winslet is going to bring Ibsen’s classic to the silver screen along with famous actors like Stellan Skarsgård, John Cusack and Tim Roth. The filming starts in Ålesund after New Years, and the director is no one other than Liv Ullmann.

«She is a talented actress with many qualities who I look forward to being directed by,» Winslet stated.

According to Dagbladet, the 28-year-old star is going to bring both her children with her to Ålesund.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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