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Witch gets government funding

Lena Skarning, who characterizes herself as a witch, has been awarded funding from the Norwegian government to develop her magical business idea.

Skarning will receive NOK 53,000 (USD 7,500) to build her business and offer magical services to the public enterprises and private individuals.

“It is probably a little taboo for witches to sell their services, but I want to bring magic to the people,” said 33-year-old Skarning to TV 2 Nettavisen. “People no longer notice the magic that is everywhere.”

Skarning has practiced witchcraft for 13 years. Her cat happens to be white, but her hair is long and raven black, and her interest for magic should not be taken lightly.

Now she wants to make a living of her witchcraft, and she has received funding from the government branch for development and innovation, Statens nærings- og distriksutviklingsfond (SND), according to the paper Glåmdalen.

Sells magic

Skraning sells her magical herb mixes, and offers her services to birthdays and bachelor and bachelorette parties. She now wants to expand and offer her services to the business world through magical seminar experiences.

“What can you offer the business sector?”

“Businesses can receive guidance about how to increase team spirit and creativity,” the witch said. “There is among other things, some days that are better suited for having meetings than others. It is based on planetary magic. In addition, colors among other things, have a large effect on the creativity.”

Many undeclared witches

Skarning mainly wants to arrange home parties where she will open up the magical world to people, and sell her magical products. She has a day cream which enhances your ability to get an overview and make choices appear clearer, a night cream for clearer dreams and a foot cream to give the user the courage to walk new paths.

“I have many other products on the developing stage,” Skraning said.

Skarning said that there are many witches in Norway, but she is among the first people who commercialize the magic.

“There are a lot of unrecorded numbers,” Skarning said. “I’m a member of an organization with about seventy witches and alternative thinkers, but there are probably a lot of undeclared witches too.”

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