Woman found guilty of axe murder

Elizaveta Sytnik

Elizaveta Sytnik Foto: (Scanpix)

Elizaveta Sytnik was found guilty of the murder of her former husband Henry Simonsen by the Court of Appeal Friday.

The Norwegian television channel NRK reports that Hålogaland Court of Appeal found the Russian woman guilty of murdering of Simonsen from Alta.

However, Sytnik was acquitted of stealing his car and driving it to across the country to Oslo.

“This strengthens the impression that there was a third person in the picture,” said John Christian Elden, the woman’s lawyer, to NRK.

56-year-old Simonsen was killed with at least 40 strikes to the head in December of last year.

Sytnik was sentenced to 13 years for the murder of Simonsen in Alta County Court this summer.

Hålogaland Court of Appeal is now going to decide what sentence Sytnik will get.

Lars Fause, chief public prosecutor, asked for 16 years incarceration.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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