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Woman paid for a car with breast milk

Anette Lie has the Norwegian record for delivery of breast milk. She made so much on the breast milk that she purchased a car for the money.

According to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24, Lie has produced 501.5 liters breast milk for sale last since May of last year.

«I’m making some money on this as they pay 135 krone per liter,» Lie said to TV 2. «I’ve gotten my driver’s license and bought a car, everything paid by breast milk.»

With the liter price of NOK 135 (USD 19.56), Lie got an income of more than NOK 65,000 (USD 9430) on her breast milk. She has an 11 month old son.

According to Lie, it is genetic explanations why she produced so much milk.

«My mother was the same way, and I’ve heard my grand mother nursed children around town, so it’s hereditary,» Lie said. «It’s my hormones. I apparently have lots of them.»

Kanal 24 reported that the hospital across the country need breast milk, but stressed that the deliveries do not have to as large as those from Lie.

The average donor provides one and half to two liters a week, while Lie has delivered as much as 11 liters.

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