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Women: Best on education in the future

According to estimates calculated by Statistics Norway (SSB), women will dominate in higher education in future. SSB predicts that 420,000 working women will have higher education compared to 230,000 men in 2030.

The number of men and women that had completed higher education was the same in 2001, while the female percentage at Norwegian colleges and universities was at 60 percent. According to SSB, Norway is moving in the direction of getting a clear female domination when it comes to higher education.

Towards 2030, the expected number of women with higher education will increase with more than 200,000. In the same period, the expected increase of men taking the same level of education is 10,000, according to SSB’s prognosis of the population and the workforce after completed education.

«The result for 2030 is only a consequence of the demographical development,» said Nils Martin Stølen, head of the research at SSB, to forskning.no. «The large great group of women with higher education is about to enter into their professional work life. When we reach 2030, all the older groups with few women with higher education will have been replaced.»

However, Stølen stressed that the assumption was based on that wish to get a higher education remain among both men and women, but this may change.

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