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Women may get paid more than men

Researchers specializing on Norwegian work life state that women may make more money than men if men do not change, and that the unemployment rate among men will increase.

According to researchers at the Work Research Institute (AFI), working life in Norway is about to be turned upside down.

Women will go from being losers to becoming winners on the labor market because women have the qualifications employees are looking for, reported the Norwegian paper Dagbladet.

Employers now want cooperation and people skills, things which traditionally have not been particularly called for. Since men mainly have skills within fields like technology, being efficiency, making profits, and leadership roles, they may be pushed to the side line.

Researcher Knut Fossestøl predicts harder times for men. The number of unemployed men will increase, at least during a period. Furthermore, he claims that women may surpass men in salary.

Researcher Bjørg Aase Sørensen at AFI, said that she is definitely seeing signs that men are about to change in professional life. She claims men to a larger degree are learning from women as typical male characteristics are becoming less important.

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