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Women pressure men for sex

25 percent of young men have experienced sex pressure from pushy women. Sex experts claim the modern woman is breaking down the opposite sex.

In a new German survey conducted by the Potsdam University, 400 men aged 15-25 were interviewed and 25 percent of them said they had at some point been experiencing sex pressure form women.

As many as 50 percent of men older than 22 said they had felt pressured to have sex or that they had been pushed into having sex, NTB reports.

"Unwanted sex pressure is serious regardless of it being men or women performing it. A lot of men experience being disrespected sexually. Young men may feel threatened by modern women taking the initiative and increased demands of sexual satisfaction", said Doctor Kjell-Olav Svendsen to Dagsavisen.

Doctor Svendsen thinks increased demands may cause sexual problems such as early ejaculation, erection problems or lack of libido.

"It is a myth that men are erotic boy-scouts who are always ready", said the doctor.

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