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WWF fears the end of cod

New numbers indicate a dramatic decline in the cod stock, and it has become a threatened species some places. In 15 years time cod may be extinct.

According to numbers presented by WWF Thursday, the global cod fishing has declined with 70 percent the last 30 years.

«If the trend continues, there will no longer be any cod on the market in 15 years,» stated Rasmus Hansson a WWF press release.

Worried for the Barents Sea
3.1 billion tons of cod were fished in 1970. In 2002, the number was reduced to 950,000 tons. In Canada, cod is listed as an endangered species.

The cod stock in the Barents Sea, between Norway and Russia, is the world’s last, large cod stock.

Reduce the fish quotas
«But now the worry about this cod stock is increasing,» stated the WWF. «Norway and Russia are carrying a large responsibility in order to secure that there is cod in the future as well.»

WWF claims that today’s fishing quotas is just on the boarder of what the stock can handle, and ask Norwegian and Russian authorities to reduce their quotas.

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