Yahoo tricked by modem kidnapper

The Swedish branch of Yahoo has forwarded their costumers to a web site which “kidnaps” modems and gives the costumers enormous bills for web surfing.

08.09.03 12:10

The ad which is located on Yahoo’s home page offers an elaborate IQ test. The ad neglects to inform that the user who clicks on the ad is connected to a different telephone number which cost SEK 34.90 per minute and the test takes up to 40 minutes to complete.

“Porn model”

The result is that it is extremely expensive to take the test. The method used is common in the porn industry, and it has for several years made big bucks from kidnapping user’s modems.

In practice, what happens is that the PC down loads a program which takes control of the modem. The program calls another number than what it usually use where the price per minute is considerably higher.


“This ad will be stopped at once. It will be gone before lunch Monday,” Morten Hesselund, head of marketing at Yahoo Nordic promised.

According to Hesselund, it is only the Swedish branch that has had this ad on line.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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