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Young bear shot

A young male bear was shot in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway, on Sunday night, one week after the permission to put the bear down was issued.

«The bear is male and about 80 kilos. I issued the permission to put it down last Sunday», said Even Haugereid, head of the local farming authorities.

The bear had entered an enclosure for sheep, where 700 sheep and lambs are staying for the summer. The fences surrounding the enclosure are electric.

«It is possible that the bear was inside the fence as it was set up this spring. Sadly, the fence, which was set up to keep other animals away, had the opposite effect. 50 dead sheep have been found within the enclosure and the bear is probably responsible for most of these», said Haugereid.

Haugereid said lynx might have killed some of the sheep as well.

The fence was build three years ago but is dismantled during the winter.

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