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Young Norwegians have problems paying

Norwegians have problems paying their bills, and worst off is young men. The size of the demands sent to debt collection has increased greatly during the last year.

The amounts people owe have increased. According to the agency CreditInform, the average debt collection amount against private individuals has increased from NOK 11,600 (USD 1,657) to NOK 18,000 (USD 2,571), an increase equal 54 percent, from January to September this year compared to last year in the same period.

Young men are the worst
Young men are the worst at paying their bills. While Norwegian women are responsible for 24 percent of the bills not paid, men are responsible for the remaining 76 percent.

“Older people have a more sensible attitude towards money than younger people,” said Lars Carlsson, CEO of CreditInform, to the news agency Newswire. “Younger people and particularly men pay with bankcards, they buy consumer goods on credit and many are poor at paying their bills. Older people have a philosophy that you use money when you have it, while younger people don’t have the same attitude and have no problems with overdrawing their accounts.”

Many are struggling
Carlsson said he believes the difficulties in the Norwegian economy of the year’s first six months have directly affected people. The result is that many have problems with paying large bills and house and car mortgages.

During the first nine months the total number of demands registered was 68,235, compared to 89,730 last year at the same time.

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