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Your bottom is public property

According to the district attorney in Troms and Finnmark, your bottom is public property. He has not intention to appeal the acquittal of a chef who pinched the behinds of two 14-year-old girls while they were working in his kitchen.

The 37-year-old chef from Troms was this summer acquitted for sexual harassment against minors and indecent behavior towards two 14-year-old girls. The court claimed there was no reason to punish the man who repeatedly touched the girls’ breasts and behinds while they were working in his kitchen during a school project.

Lars Fauske, chief public prosecutor in Troms said to the TV channel NRK that he agreed with the verdict and would therefore not seek an appeal.

"Touching or stroking the breasts without touching the nipple and touching the pelvis near the pubic hairs of the aggrieved party can not be regarded as an act of obscenity", the sentence reads.

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