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One forth is positive to all-hour kindergartens

One of four Norwegians is positive to all-hour kindergartens, according to a new survey. Women are more willing than men to placing their children at care facilities during the night.

Minister of Children and Family Affairs Laila Dåvøy supports the idea of extended hours at Norwegian kindergartens.

The survey was conducted by the agency TNS Gallup on behalf of the radio channel Kanal 24. Apparently women are more supportive of the proposal than men, representatively 29 percent and 21 percent.

“This is positive for those who experience that they have a need for this service, but there must be time limits on who long the children may stay at the centres,” said Lene Sørby, educational leader at Jernbanegata barnehage in Fredrikstad.

However, she fears that all-hour kindergartens may become an excuse for some parents, and she said she is afraid that the facilities may be forced to raise the children.

Parliament member Dåvøy supports the notion of extended hours for kindergartens.

“If people have a real need for this then I don’t see any reason why kindergartens should not stay open all night,” Dåvøy said, and she stated that this service would be good for single parents and people working shifts.

However, Dåvøy said she would not herself use the service.

“I never had any need for it even if I worked shifts as a nurse, and I think that children should mainly only stay at the kindergarten during the day,” Dåvøy said to Kanal 24.


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