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One of four buys plane tickets on-line

Norwegians are becoming more and more willing to log on to buy their airline tickets on-line, and it is a money saver for both customers and airlines.

A small percent of tickets were sold on-line last year, but the Internet sale has really soared this year. Now one fourth of all SAS and Braathens tickets are sold on-line. Lufthansa is now launching a massive ad campaign on the Norwegian market for its Internet tickets, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

«Last year, only a couple percent of the SAS tickets was sold on the Internet, but now the share has increase to as much as 25 percent,» said Siv Meisingseth, head of information, to the paper.

The Internet sale is an extremely important area of priority for SAS because it is an effective way of cutting costs for airline companies.

«The goal is to get as many of our customers as possible over to the Internet,» Meisingseth explained. «The net is our most important sales channel, and we sell our cheapest tickets there. We assume the increase will continue, and we think ordering trips over the Internet will become the obvious choice.»

Lufthansa has launched a campaign to encourage customers to order tickets on-line as the airline only sells 6 percent of its tickets on-line right now.


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