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Parties in power gain support

The Conservatives (H) and the Christian Democrats (Krf), two of the parties in government, are gaining support, while the Labor Party (Ap) has stabilized on a high level, according to the first party survey conducted by TV 2.

The two already mentioned government parties along with the final party, the Liberal Party (V), have now collectively surpassed the Labor Party in support, even if they still have a hard time charming the voters. Collectively the three parties are 9.5 percent points behind the election result which got them into government in 2001.

“I have always believed it, and now we are starting to see it in numbers and that’s important,” Jon Lilletun, the Christian Democrat’s parliamentary leader.

Lilletun is thrilled that party support is increasing for the first time in 6 months.

“I believe this 1.5 percent is a fantastic preview for our national meeting,” Lilletun said.

The Christian Democrats is having an extraordinary national meeting in Bergen in a week and half in order to select a new leader after Valgerd Svarstad Haugland last fall announced her resignation.

Advance gives optimism
The Christian Democrats is the party which has the larges advancement in the survey conducted this January by TNS Gallup on behalf of the paper VG and TV 2. The party advances with 1.5 percent points to seven present. The Conservatives increases with one percent point to 18.5 percent points while the Liberal Party decreases with one present point to 2.5 percent.

“The number seven is definitely not good enough, but seven is better than 5.5,” said Lilletun to TV 2. “The goal is to get back at the same level we were at at the last election in 2001 at about 12 percent.”

The party’s greatest problem is that they have not managed to get new voters. However, the numbers indicates that former voters have now started to return to the party. The greatest problem for the Democratic Party at the moment is that they have lost 57,000 voters to the Labor Party, the Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Agricultural Party since last Storting’s election.

Labor Party still the giant
The Labor Party’s support is unchanged in this first 2004 survey and remains Norway’s largest party with a support of 27.5 percent. Even if the support not is higher than it was in December, we must look all the way back to December 2001 to find a time where the party was at a higher level than right now.

The survey indicates that the Labor Party has started to appeal to the younger voters again; something the party has had problems with since the election in 2001.


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