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Police warn against fake sex survey

The Norwegian police are still not sure who is behind the fake survey asking children and youth questions about their sex lives.

The survey sent by email claims it is being conducted by Unginfo in Oslo.

Unginfo is connected Barne-og ungdomsrådet, an umbrella organization for Norwegian youth organizations, but neither has any knowledge of the survey, and Christer Gulbrandsen, leader of Barne-og ungdomsrådet, has reported the case to the police.

“The email was traced to a web site, but we have gotten the site closed,” Gulbrandsen said. “The police asked to get the IP address connected to the site, and they have received it. We do not know who is behind the site, but the police believe that they will find out soon.”

Gulbrandsen urges people who have received the mail not to answer the questions.

The survey includes questions about color and shape of pubic hair, methods for masturbation, and oral sex habits.


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