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Politicians' security too poor

The security around Norwegian politicians is too poor, according to Leif A. Lier, private investigator and security advisor, after protesters stormed the Christian Democrat’s national meeting this weekend.

“If someone thinks it’s better in Norway than in Sweden, they’re wrong,” Lier said to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24. “One must remember that there exists mentally disturbed people all over, and they are may be the most dangerous.”

According to Lier, the fact that four protesters managed to walk directly in at the Christian Democrat’s national meeting this weekend indicates that the security around politicians are not good enough.

The four activists from Rød Ungdom (red youth), dressed in white lab coats, and carried equipment farmers use to spray insecticides, stormed up to the podium screaming; “There is homophobia in the Christian Democrats. It is a dangerous epidemic, and we will cleanse you.”

Lier has is a security advisor and a private investigator with almost 40 years experience from the police. He said he thinks Norwegians often believe that they are living in a safe and secure country.

“We have the notion that we are living in peaceful, little Norway and that everything that happens other places never are going to happen here, but that is unfortunately wrong,” Lier said.

In spite of the warning, Norwegian parties do not want to change their routines immediately. Tommy Skar in the Labor Party said to Kanal 24 that they already have admission control at the national meetings and that has to be enough.

“We have good enough routines, something like that can’t happen at our meetings,” Skar stated.

Geir Mo, general secretary in the Progress Party, said they would go through their routines to check if the security is good enough. He stated that they evaluate the security all the time, but with the incident that took place this weekend, they want to double check their routines.


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