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Project to give physically challenged sex help

The Lotus project in Vestfold, Norway, wants to help physically challenged persons to have a sex life, but the controversial service is affected by the criminal code.

The Lotus project is to a large degree operated by and offers services to physically challenged persons in the county. The project is currently limiting itself to giving talks on physically challenged people’s sexuality. The project now wants to expand and offer advice and guidance in connection to sexuality. The project also wishes to open up for persons to have sex with their clients if both parties agree, according to the Norwegian TV channel NRK.

“We have asked around and we have many people who want to do this. The project will be customer directed without any involvement from the public health system,” said Britt-Evy Westergård at Lotus to TV 2 Nettavisen. “For many physically challenged persons, their sexuality is a frustration, not a pleasure.”

Voluntary sex help

The organizers of the project, inspired by a similar project in the Netherlands, see no problems connected to volunteers having sex with their clients, if both parties agree.

“We have asked around, and we know that many are interested in doing this work. We have not ethical questions connected with sex helpers having sex with the people they help. The problem today is that it is against the law,” Westergård said.


According to Norwegian law, it is illegal to provide sexual services or organize a system of sex helpers. The project will according to current laws been considered as procurement.

“We hope that the authorities will give us an exception for this project. We hope society is ready for a trial project where physically challenged persons have the opportunity to have a sex life,” Britt-Evy Westergård said.


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