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Rallycross star hits politician during debate

Norwegian former rallycross star Martin Schanche has started a new career as a politician for the Progress Party. The controversial politician hit a Labour politician in the face in front of school kids during his first political debate at a school on Monday.

Martin Schanche was getting annoyed during the debate at the school, as he did not think enough time was spent discussing the subjects he found most important. Schanche wanted to leave the debate after only 15 minutes and a Labour politician accused Schanche of being cowardly to want to leave in the middle of it.

This infuriated Martin Schanche, who hit the politician in the face. Now, he refuses to apologise for his behaviour and claims to have received positive reactions on what he describes as " a regrettable situation", saying:

"I do actually think that most people are intelligent enough to allow me a little tolerance".

Martin Schanche is not certain what will happen to his new political career after the incident, saying:

"I leave my future in the party in the hands of the party. But today I was willing to do a job for the party and travelled to Drammen with an open mind to meet these fantastic kids. But all that shit coming from the stage was beneath contempt. I felt upset as drove home".

The violent incident at the school debate is not the only scandal involving Martin Schanche.

"Who hasn't experienced a 16-year-old in bed? I'm just saying that a lot of men with a famous name and a certain aura, and who travel a bit, have had to clear young girls out of bed", Schanche said in March.

Martin Schanche is infamous for a range of other controversial statements and for being caught speeding at one of Norway's busiest roads.


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