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Record high blood-alcohol level for Swede

The police could hardly believe their eyes when they checked the excess blood-alcohol concentration of the 35-year-old who they located nearly unconscious in his car at a roundabout at downtown Halmstad, Sweden.

The alcohol test showed a blood alcohol level at 6 per thousand, the highest level ever measured on a drunk driver in Sweden.

The man has stated that he can not remember where he was going or why he had gotten behind the wheel, according to the Swedish Aftonbladet’s websites Monday morning.

The man had been out partying Friday night, but he stated that he took public transport down to town.

“This is just unbelievable, to have six per thousand in excess blood-alcohol concentration is leathal in most people,” stated Hans Laurell, expert on traffic related alcohol cases at the Swedish Department of Motor Vehicles, Vägverket. “I can’t believe that he at all managed to get in behind a car and drive it.”

The police in Halmstad were called late Friday evening after a Toyota Corolloa had gone off the road in a roundabout downtown. A unit was dispatched to the location and found the 35-year-old in an almost unconscious state. He was immediately sent to the hospital.

After a night at the intensive unit, the man was released from the hospital and picked up by the police for questioning. Laurell said the man can be glad that he is still alive because most Swedish drunk drivers who die in traffic accidents have between 1.7 and 1.8 per thousand in access blood-alcohol level.


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