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Red Cross receives massive donations

Private persons, organizations, and businesses in Norway have opened their wallets to donate money to the disaster area in South East Asia.

The Norwegian Red Cross, along with a number of other aid organizations, has urged people to donate money to the victims of the devastating disasters that hit the region December 26.

During a period of two days, the Red Cross has received more than NOK 6.5 million (USD 1.07 million) from private persons, organizations, and businesses. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Statoil have donated NOK 1.5 million (USD 246.870) each.

«We wish to contribute by donating money to the people who have been hit and who are vulnerable after this catastrophe,» said Miklos Konkolythege, CEO of DNV, according to Red Cross’ web site. «This is something all our employees all over the world partake in. We urge all businesses to donate as much as they can.»

«We appreciate that business and industry demonstrate such social responsibility and support the victims of this massive catastrophe where millions of people have been affected,» said Secretary General Jonas Gahr Støre at Norwegian Red Cross.


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