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Robbers lost out on millions

The robbers who Monday night hit the Norwegian Postal Services in Oslo, had probably planned the robbery for months. However, they lost out on millions as the money transport was delayed.

According to the Norwegian paper VG, the robbers only got away with NOK 120,000 (USD 17,000). However, the amount has not yet been confirmed by the police. The police have only stated that the robbers got away with a smaller amount.


According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the police believe the robbery was planned for a long time, possibly several months. The robbers appeared to know the building as the back of their hands, and they knew exactly where to go. One of the theories is that they have pretended to be employed in the building.

The police are now checking if they got drawings of the building from the city.


Even if the robbers appeared as if they knew the building and its routines, they only got away with petty cash compared to what they probably expected. A money transport with several millions had been delayed, and the police therefore managed to stop it before it arrived at the building. Most likely, it was this money transport the robbers were planning to get their hands on.


A NOK 100,000 (USD 14,000) award was promised to the person who can provide the information that leads to the clearing up of this case. As of Wednesday morning the police had not received any information of significance.

All of the robbers, possible a total of eight, are still at large.


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