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Royal Palace demands official apology

The Norwegian Palace demands an official apology from the magazine Se og Hør after an article stated that Norwegian princess Märtha Louise took out a large loan to buy her dream house.

Se og Hør wrote last week that princess Märtha Louise took up a NOK 6 million (USD 875,000) loan to purchase the house in Lommedalen. The royal court issued a statement that this was not the case.

The Royal Palace has now written a letter to the magazine where it demands that the magazine retracts its statement that the Norwegian princess is a victim of debt.

"We decided to send this letter because we believe this is a matter of principle,” said Wenche Rasch, head of information at the Palace to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet.

In the letter the royal court refers to the ethical guidelines made by and for the Norwegian press.

“We will by this indicate that this also includes the royal family,” Rasch said.

Trond Stensåsen, editor of Se og Hør, said that the magazine will account for the case in a letter to the royal court. The magazine apologizes for stating that the princess was a victim of debt, but insists that the princess took out a loan.


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