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Ryanair's goddess gets a boob job

The Irish airline’s angel is getting a breast enlargement as Ryanair hopes bigger boobs will seduce costumers.

The Irish low fare company is always working new ways to increase its market share, and the newest stunt is the angel’s breasts. The decision was made by Chief Executive Michael O’Leary.

Ryanair confirmed that a total of 150 new Boeing 737-800 planes will be pictured with the more voluptuous model. Ryanair’s total fleet will go through the “beauty operation” before 2005.

The company has until now managed to keep work with the logo change quiet. According to the British press, the beauty change became known outside Ryanair’s management by chance when an employee at Stansted airport outside London, suddenly noticed the much more voluptuous angel.

Ryanair explained that the logo change was due to the need to get a more aerodynamic image.

“We decided to give our customers a more uplifting experience,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We think she is rather aerodynamic.”

Lotta Lindquist, head of Ryanair in the Nordic area, was not informed about the change when TV 2 Nettavisen contacted her earlier in the week. However, she had been informed by Friday afternoon.

“We do not wish to milk the situation,” Lindquist said with a hint of irony. “The change was made due to aerodynamic reasons. Since we are going to upgrade the fleet, we will use this opportunity to give our passengers a more uplifting experience.”


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