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SAS passenger tried to open emergency exit

Wednesday evening a passenger threatened to open the emergency exit on a SAS flight from London to Oslo while in mid air.

The plane SK 510 had to turn back and land in London when a passenger twice tried to open the emergency exit when the plane was in the air.

“The captain informed the passengers that there was something wrong with one of the emergency exits and that was why we had to return to London. When we had landed, lots of police entered the plane and arrested one of the passengers,” said Svein Arne Hansen, Norwegian track sport president. He was a passenger on the plane.

Wanted to open exit

The police apparently used a long time to arrest the man. The passengers were later informed that a man had tried to open the emergency exits in the back of the large Airbus plane while it was in mid air. He allegedly threatened to jump out of the plane and he was very aggressive.

Landed safely

The plane was greatly delayed and arrived at Gardermoen without the aggressive passenger and without any further problems around 11 p.m. last night.

Trine Løvberg, information officer at SAS said to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB) that she currently has little information regarding the case. The captain on the SAS plane was in a debriefing with the cabin crew at midnight yesterday.


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