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Sex in prison

The penitentiary in Northern Norway, Bodø Fengsel, wants to make it easier for the inmates to have sex with their wives and girlfriends while they are incarcerated.

According to the Norwegian television channel NRK, the jail administration has started special visitation nights where the situation is better organized for the inmates.

“By taking the relatives seriously, they can support them even better,” said Geir Broen, prison director, to NRK.

The reason for the project is to make the situation easier for wives and girlfriends during the time their men are incarcerated in order to reduce the damage on their personal relationships.

Broen informed that the prison is going to work together with wives, girlfriends and other relatives to create more pleasant visiting rooms. There is also going to be created visitation rooms which are specially adopted so the couples can have sexual intercourse.

“If they don’t look like hotel rooms, they will be functional,” Broen said. “The punishment is deprivation of liberty. The inmates are not sentenced to loose contact with their loved ones, and it is mostly the loved ones who are affected.”

55 persons are currently serving their sentences at the facility.


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