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Six Saddam spies caught in Sweden

At least six Swedish citizens with Iraqi heritage have been spying for Saddam Hussein’s regime in Sweden for several years.

The six persons have identified thousands of people with Iraqi heritage in Sweden.

The information was revealed when documents from the Iraqi intelligence service Muhabarat were released after the fall of Saddam’s regime, according to Sveriges Radio.

The documents include information about the individual’s families, work, leisure activities, political opinions, dress, behavior and personality.

One of the spies worked in the Swedish Migrationsverket, the directorate of Immigration, and the man is described as a “very important agent” in the documents. The man could obtain information regarding Iraqi asylees in Sweden.

According to Sveriges Radio, the man was questioned by the Swedish police security service, Säpo, last week. The man has also allegedly been excluded from Assyriska Riksförbundet, a Swedish organization for persons with Iraqi heritage.

The man himself claims that the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm tired to recruit him as a spy, but he in spite of repeated threats never was recruited.


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