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Skandia top executive found dead

One of Skandia’s top executive, Jan Wangärd, age 45, was found dead in a hotel room in Stockholm. His bag contained the original documents of his bonus payments.

Wangärd checked into the luxury hotel Elite Hotel Plaza in the Swedish capital Sunday. When the cleaner came Tuesday he was found dead. The 45-year-old had hung himself in the hotel room.

The police found original document of bonus payments signed by Ola Ramstedt in his bag, according to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

The Swedish paper did not mention the deceased’s name, but Skandia issued a press release revealing his name Wednesday.

According to the press release, «Jan Wangärd died suddenly Tuesday. Jan Wangärd was at the time of his death living in Mexico City, working as head of Skandia’s Latin American division and member of the group management.»

Police claim there was no evidence of criminal involvement in the death.

Had a bonus agreement
The former top executive joined in the scandal-ridden group as early as 1979, and Wangärd has had several top positions in different areas during his long career at Skandia.

He was one of the about 80 people who was included in the much criticized bonus programs.

Not a suspect
The police have allegedly not found a suicide note, and the death is being investigated by the Stockholm police.

Wangärd was not one of the suspects in the Skandia case.

«He was one of the persons who participated in the bonus programs, and that is the only connection to the investigation I can see today,» said Christer van der Kwast, head of the investigation committee. «He has not interesting (as a suspect in the investigation.)»


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