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Snowflake flights from Norway

The Scandinavian airline launched its low priced Snowflake flights in both Sweden and Denmark in March, but now Norway may just get a piece of the cake too.

Ludmilla Lindecrantz, CEO of SAS’s low priced concept Snowflake, confirms that SAS wish to establish the low priced flights from Norwegians airports as well.

“We wish to make this work, and we hope to be able to return with concrete information on this soon,” Lindecrantz said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Expands from Denmark

SAS informs today that it will expand its services from Copenhagen. Snowflake has been in the air since March of this year from both Kastrup, the main airport in Copenhagen, and Arlanda, Stockholm.

The cheapest flights will cost from SEK 580 and DKK 415, and additional fees are added depending on how the flight is booked.

Norwegian travellers have until now had to settle for the standard offers from SAS. It was stated that Braathens covers the need for low priced fares on the Norwegian market, but Lindecrantz now claims there is room for expansion.

Room for low priced fares

“Braathens takes its share, but there are a number of destinations which we believe would be natural to add,” Lindecrantz stated.

The time line for when this offer can be launched at Gardermoen International Airport is still up in the air. According to Lindecrantz, there are several practical aspects which have to be solved.

“As of today we do not have planes available, but we presume that we will have a solution ready within the next couple of days,” Lindecrantz stated.


Snowflake was started by SAS in order to take up the fight against the low priced airlines such as Ryanair, Sterling and easyJet.

The launch has been a success, and Sterling stated this summer that it considered reporting SAS for price dumping.


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