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Stripper hired to college party

At a student party for two Norwegian business and management schools, the boys enjoyed a striptease while the girls were drinking champagne in the next room. The sponsor is not pleased.

At the annual Økonomiske vinterleker (economic winter games) for the students at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and the Norwegian School of Management (BI), the party planners hired a professional stripper as entertainment.

Evaluates sponsor money
The finance firm Deloitte, which is the main sponsor of the BI student organization, is not at all pleased with the selection of entertainment and is considering retracting their sponsor money to the annual event.

«This is not something we want to be connected with,» said Morten Bjerke, market director at Deloitte, to the student paper Studvest. «We will evaluate the sponsoring again at the next crossroad.»

Common entertainment
Principal Per Ivar Gjærum at NHH was not pleased either with the selection of entertainment made by the students. However, the organizers of the event do not think they went too far.

«Stripping is an common entertainment,» said Kristoffer Bjørnstad, head of information for the winter games at NHH, to Studvest.

He stressed that the sponsor money did go directly to pay for the stripping, and he stated that he had not gotten any negative reactions from either the female or the male students who were present.

According to the paper, striptease has been a part of the entertainment at the winter games every year since 2001. This year the event took place in Ål in Hallingdal in the end of January.


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