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Sudan summit in Oslo

Representatives from the government in Sudan, several rebellion groups, and representatives from more than 30 countries met for a conference about Sudan and Darfur in Oslo Monday.

«This is the first time so many of the parties in the conflict meet,» said Karsten Klepsvik, press officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

A total of 100 participants from 30 countries are meeting in Oslo Monday and Tuesday. During the conference donor countries, international organizations, and parties in Sudan are going to discuss the humanitarian situation in Darfur and prepare a plan for international aid to Sudan after a final peace agreement has been signed. The meeting is a part of a Norwegian organized international conference for donor nations which will take place when a peace agreement is signed in Sudan.

The authorities in Sudan are represented together with the rebellion organization Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLM) and two of the rebellion organizations in Darfur, Sudan Liberation Army (SLM) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

Norway and Italy are leading the international support group for Sudan, IGAD Partner Forum, and are hosts for the meeting. It is the first time the three rebellion movements and the government in Sudan, together with the international society, participate in a collected work through of the aid needed in Darfur and Sudan. It is also a part of the development in an international conference for donor countries which Norway has offered to invite to when a peace agreement for Sudan is signed.


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