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Swedish writer may be denied US entry

The Americans have nominated Jan Guillous’ “Evil” in the Oscar category foreign language film, but it is still unsure if the author himself will be allowed to enter the US.

Jan Guillou wouldn’t mind one bit attending the Oscars on February 29, but he may not get his wish granted because of his past.

According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, Guillou is not at all sure that he will be allowed to enter the US. Guillou was jailed for some time several years back for allegedly working for a secret Swedish intelligence organization called IB.

“I’m considered a terrorist,” Guillou said.

But Guillou states that the American embassy in Sweden has said that he will be allowed to attend the Oscar gala after the producers have been fighting for him the past two months.

Can be stopped all the same
“I’m going down there son with our passports, so we will see if they keep their promise,” Guillou said.

However, even if he gets the documents from the embassy, they still can not prevent American authorities to stop him if they really want.

“I bet the chance that I get to enter the country, and that “Evil” wins an Oscar is about one to five,” Guillou stated.

This is the thirteenth Academy Award nomination for Sweden.


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