Gå til sidens hovedinnhold

The world applauds Kurt

Norwegian Kurt Nilsen won the World Idol competition competing against 10 other contestants. The competition may have ended Wednesday night, but the adventure has just begun for Nilsen if the international press’ predictions come true.

“He is the best singer this writer has seen in thirty years,” wrote Tony Bray, the syndicated columnist at TVNow. “If there is any justice in the world of fan voting, Nilsen will take home the prize with ease. Nilsen’s vocal range, command of tone and lyric pronunciation are all better than 99% of the established stars working in the music world today or any other time in history.”

This year’s Christmas gift

Bray added that Kurt was the television channel Fox’s Christmas gift to the American people.

After the first World Idol was sent after Christmas, Idol fans reacted very favourable to Nilsen and his version of U2’s “Beautiful Day”. Idol fans across the globe discussed Nilsen in chat rooms.

Acting US judge Simon Cowell’s rude comment that “We have allowed a lot of ugly people to become recording artists,” was not appreciated, and he was declared an evil judge. The fans were though more pleased with the Australian judge’s comment where he compared Kurt with a hobbit, and they have taken the Norwegian hobbit to their hearts.

Kurt the Hobbit

The most original review of Nilsen’s victory may be the British the Sun with the headline “Kurt’s Lord of the Sings.” In the story, Nilsen is compared with Sean Austin’s character in “Lord of the Rings” Sam Gamgee.

The paper claims that Nilsen is a hobbit look-a-like, and the Sun gives much attention to Nilsen’s resentment to the British Idol Will Young.

“Will Young is an asshole,” said Nilsen to the Norwegian local paper Bergensavisen. “He did not want to take my hand and say hello.”

The Daily Mail ran the story in true tabloid style.

“Mr. Ugly won,” states the paper.

Idols support Kurt

Australian media was filled with Nilsen Friday.

“I’m not disappointed,” said Assuie Idol Guy Sebastian. “Kurt is very cool guy. He loves his music, so I’m very happy he won.”

He also told the Australian news bureau AAP that it was the producers who elected the songs the Idols were supposed to sing, something which apparently was very good for Nilsen.

Canada focuses in on the Canadian Idol Ryan Malcolm.

“Ryan Malcolm ended finished sixth in the field of 11 singers who had won Idol competitions in their own countries, but the former waiter from Kingston, Ont. was pleased he took part in World Idol,” wrote the news bureau Canadian Press.

It adds that even if “the judges focused on Norwegian Kurt Nilsen's gap-toothed grin, but television viewers were more impressed with the one-time plumber's voice.”

Malcolm characterizes Nilsen as a “really good friend.”

"I'm extremely happy for him, he deserved it 100 percent," Malcolm stated.

Triumphed over Clarkson

The large French news agency AFP focused on the fact that Nilsen is a plumber and mentions his musical success at home with the single “She’s So High.”

“The Norwegian Idol Kurt Nilsen triumphed,” wrote the American news agency AP.